Tuesday, April 13, 2010


It was February 3, 2009 when I was lucky enough to hear the first notes rehearsed of Jennifer Higdon's brand new violin concerto performed by the Indianapolis Symphony and the wonderful Hilary Hahn. I was on vacation from my job there but braved a very snowy morning to hear the first rehearsal. Now, over a year later, Higdon has won the Pulitzer Prize in music for her fabulous work of art. She very much deserves the award as she is one of the finest composers of our time. Earlier this year she won a Grammy for her percussion concerto. While classical music does not garner the attention it deserves, I urge you to check out music that is composed by Higdon as I think it speaks to a new generation of listeners.

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  1. Thanks to your invitation that day,I too was able to see that amazing event. I knew enough to know I was hearing something amazing, little did I know we were listening to a future Pulitzer Prize winner. Absolutely fabulous!~Elisa