Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cash it all in and go camping...

I've been having conversations lately with my family and friends about my desire to downsize and simplify.  Clearly their heads are not quite with mine but it is a thought that I can't seem to shake.  In an effort to indulge my craving for simplicity I moved out of my house for two days and lived in the a tent.  I bought this tent for my six year old son, Bing a year ago with visions of camping dancing in my head, only to find out that he really doesn't like to camp...bummer. 

I set up camp with just a few basic essentials, a cot, blankets, pillows and several magazines.  It didn't take long to settle in and relax as the wind gently breezed in.  Soon after my son came in to see what this camping thing was all about.  He wasn't convinced that he was ready to join me on this adventure so I got creative.  I set up a TV and connected a DVD player and invited my son out to join me for a movie under the stars.  Now that got his attention, we watched "Sandlot" and laughed a lot.  He ended up spending the night with me and gained a whole new appreciation for camping:)

I have a feeling I will continue to look for opportunities to downsize while at the same time understand that others may not share my desire for simplicity.  Until then I will continue to dream and be inspired by others who have done so.  If you have the same desire please share, who knows I may just cash it all in some day and go camping and if I can find a camper like the one below, it just may happen.  Pretty cool huh?  Happy camping!!

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  1. I'm loving your ideas! The camper looks awesome. I think I could live in one of those things :)