Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Clowns, I'm beginning to like them!

I'm not Clowning Around...

I know that not everyone likes clowns, I get it, they can be a bit freaky and mimes, don't get me started.  Having said that, I have become more fond of clowns which is all credited to the paintings featured in this blog.  I was fortunate to find these two paintings at my first flea market as a buyer for Syd and Harper.   Let's just say they were diamonds in the rough  and no matter where I roamed, my eyes kept going back to those two clowns.

The seller informed me that the clowns were painted by an artist by the name of Herschel Fullen out of Brown County, Indiana.  The colors are simply amazing and the rough texture of the brush strokes adds a dimension to the painting that makes one take notice.  Of course I didn't buy them on my first stop, I walked away with every intention of going back.  I proceeded to circle that booth like a hawk and just as the gentleman started to pack up for the day, I approached.  I simply told him what I had to give which was essentially asking him to give me two for the price of one and... he took it!

Part of the love of what I do is getting a deal and adding my own artistic touch to the items I buy.  There isn't much one can to with a piece of art so I painted the frames and couldn't be happier with the results.  I love these two clowns so much that I had to blog about them.  They currently are for sale in our booth but they may end up someday in my office, they are true gems.


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