Sunday, June 6, 2010

Flea Market Recap

Weeks of preparation came to an end on Saturday morning as we took part in our first flea market at Midland Arts and Antiques.  The day started early, we woke up around 4:30 am, and persevered through what turned out to be a rainy but ultimately fun day.

This trailer and both of our cars were packed to the brim with merchandise.  Like the nerdy kids on the first day of school, we were the first to arrive.  However, we were quickly joined by a couple of other early birds and we started setting up in the back lawn of Midland.  Thanks to our EZ Up Tent donated by the ISO and our crafty display skills, it didn't take too long before our space looked like this...

It also didn't take long for the rain to show up.  Unfortunately, the forecast kept many vendors away.  There were supposed to be more than 30 but ultimately only about 10 showed up.  Half of those only made it a few hours before they packed it up for the day.  We decided from the beginning that we were going to tough it out.  The task of keeping our items dry and unharmed turned into a game and even though the weather probably kept lots of people away, our day ultimately turned out to be a great success.

Elisa will tell you that it was the luck of the guitar.  I doubt it really had anything to do with it, but after the first rain the crowds picked up and we met tons of great people.  That was our main goal of participating in this flea market, we wanted to give others a chance to meet us and get to know what Syd & Harper is all about.  We also made lots of sales and hopefully got some lifelong customers.  To all of you that we met yesterday, thanks so much for talking with us, we look forward to seeing you again.  If you were unable to attend, no worries, we are planning on doing many more markets this summer.  Below you'll find a few of the popular items of the day.  Some, like the wash basin, have sold.  Others, like the mannequins, are now available in our booth at Midland.

We also wanted to give a few shout outs... Thank you Sheri for bringing the much needed sunshine for the day... Congratulations to Mary Ann for selling one of your amazing paintings... Thank you Big City Farms of Indianapolis for your purchases and we look forward to seeing them at your store... And lastly thank you to all of our friends at Midland.  We're looking forward to the next flea market!!

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  1. Ok just looking I see about 7 things I'd snatch up if I were there! Wow, you sure know how to find em'! I love the mannequin!