Monday, June 28, 2010

One Sweet World

Over the past year I have begun collecting globes.  Globes signify to me my love for travel and remind me of the vast array of places that I have yet had the opportunity of visiting.  Globes amazingly can be found in all different colors which I find absolutely appealing and perfect for decorating a home.  In the photo above I chose to display five of my globes above my cabinets in the kitchen.  Prior to doing so my kitchen was fairly boring with  white walls and cream cabinets.  The addition of the globes provided just the right punch of color to bring more warmth into the room.  The best part...globes are inexpensive, I have been able to find each one for under $20 while out junking:)  



  1. Hello Elisa....!!

    THANKS so much for popping a button on your blog to tell everyone about the SVJ-X....!

    I LOVE your collection of globes....I collect them as well....I'll try & take a pic on the weekend & send it to you....!

    When I come over for the Junk Bonanza in September I'm gonna snap up EVERY globe I see....hahahahaha....I'll be known as 'that crazy globe snatching Aussie Junker' which would be AOK with me....!

    Hope you're week is FILLED with Treasures....!

    Tamarah :o)

  2. Hello Tamarah!!

    It was my pleasure to pop your button on my blog, I love your site:) As for the globes, aren't they great? I would love to see your pictures. Thanks for your comments and have a great week yourself:) ~Elisa

  3. What a great unexpected place for globes. I like that they have special meaning for you, too!