Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Pictures Tell the Story

I'm loving taking pictures.  It has become one of my favorite duties in my long, albeit, incredibly fun job description.  This weekend I was able to take some new photos after Elisa crafted some well organized displays of our recent finds.

While Elisa and I do most of our picking together, there are times when we venture out on our own.  I have had the luxury of learning from her keen eye.  The picture above of some old theatre seats and below of an antique credenza were two items that I recently picked up and we are thrilled that I found.  The theatre seats will be making a guest appearance in my condo before they find a new home : )

Together, we have also had some great finds lately.  For all you movie lovers out there, we scored a huge supply of old video cameras, projectors and film reels.  Elisa and I are what you might call retired film fanatics so finding these put some smiles on our faces.

I'm continually amazed at all the great things that we find out in the world.  It seems like there is an endless supply.  So it looks like my photography kick won't be ending any time soon!



  1. WOW guys I LOVE the old theatre seats you found....GREAT PICKIN'....They seem to be in such great nic....I don't know how you will bring yourself to part with them....!

    Tamarah :o)

  2. Thanks!! We too have no clue how we are going to part with them :) We'll enjoy them while they last!!

    Thanks for the comment :)