Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Pleasures of "Picking"

The Pleasures of Picking

I have been a faithful fan of the History Channel's, American Pickers since it first aired last year.  Until recently I had not experienced the thrill of a true pick.  Let me tell you about my first and only pick; it was exciting, rewarding and just at the right time.  My business partner, Dusty and I had just recently discussed wanting to transition into buying some industrial goods to partner up with our more traditional items.   We had been driving by the same abandoned warehouse for several months without taking any special notice.  However that changed the day a man by the name of "Stefan" stood out front and began selling.  We didn't stop the first day or even the second.   "Stefan" was mainly selling doors and windows, remaining stock from the warehouse.  Several days went by before we finally stopped to talk to "Stefan", he was quite a character thus the reason he is referenced to in "quotations".   He was all about making us a great deal, however we were not in need of a door or a window.   Dusty, being the smarter one in this partnership, asked if we could take a look on the inside of the building.  "Stefan" was more than happy to take us on a tour and during that tour we came across this:

And a box of these...

This was just two of many items we managed to pick that day.  In the end we left with a cart on wheels, an antique oak desk and another industrial fan.  The letters have since sold and the fan turned into an art project that resulted in this...

We will never forget that day of picking and definitely won't forget "Stefan".  Our booth space has since been updated with the industrial pieces we scored and we can't be happier.  Judge for yourself and let us know your thoughts...

For all you fellow junkers looking to pick, never judge a book by its cover, look beyond the obvious and  take the time to search around every corner.  Each time we have done so, we have been more than happy that we did:)  



  1. Yayyyyyy Elisa....I SO wish I could go & pick....Alas I am STUCK at my pesky day job....!!

    Good on you....!!!

    Tamarah :o)

  2. Love American Pickers too, glad you got a chance to experience it for yourself. I like the added industrial touch of the fan -- looks great!

  3. Ok, my husband and I love that show! How cool he let you in and do some shopping. Love the fan! Thanks for stopping over and leaving me some love. I'll be back to your blog, I really think you have some great stuff!

  4. What a wonderful pick!
    And what fun, too! :-)