Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Betty White... Now THAT'S Recycled Style!

I sometimes wonder how my my funny, sophisticated and lovely business partner, Elisa, puts up with me.  Why do I say this you ask?  Well, I'm a rather random guy with a mind that tends to be running in seven and a half different directions at the same time.  Sure, I get a lot accomplished for our growing infant of a company, but at what cost?  For example, the other day I was walking through an Anthropologie store looking for a touch of inspiration.  I came across a book that contained a collection of Proust Questionnaires from Vanity Fair magazine.  Elisa and I are both huge fans of interviews and the people who do great interviewing such as, Dick Cavett, James Lipton, Charlie Rose and occasionally Kermit the Frog.  Now, interviews have nothing to do with finding and selling Recycled Style, but my distracted mind couldn't help but read a large quantity of these interviews.
I wanted to buy the book but the picker in me has a hard time purchasing anything that I can't resell for a higher price.  So I instead decided to get online and look up some of these interviews to send to Elisa.  Well, lo and behold, I came across one interview that was not in the book... Betty White.  I thought to myself, Betty White, now that's recycled style!  So I proceeded to waste a good hour of my night and write Elisa an email that contained not only Betty's answers to the Proust Questionnaire but some of my own comments to her answers.  The entire thing is rather long but here were some of the highlights...
What is your idea of perfect happiness?
Being with animals.
For some reason I envision Betty sitting around with a Grizzly Bear and Monkey drinking Vodka Tonics.  After a few drinks, Betty and the Monkey start making fun of the Bear until he goes into hibernation.

What is your greatest extravagance?
Animal charities.
I sense an animal theme coming in this interview... She hopes to be reincarnated as a dolphin.
What do you dislike most about your appearance?
My neck.
Me too!  More specifically, I hate the neck beard that I grow.  I yearn for something more full and cool looking.

What is your current state of mind?
That reminds me that I want to buy the Euphoria beer with the Elephant wearing the Santa hat.  Until then, my mind will be contemplative.

What is your most treasured possession?
My golden retriever.
So we're back on the animals, Betty? I don't think that your golden retriever would like saying that you "own" her, Betty.  Kind of sounds like animal slavery.
What is your favorite occupation?
Being with animals.
First you own then and now you occupy them.  You're killing me, White!

What is the quality you most like in a man?
Sense of romance.
The hopeless romantic is a dying breed and not well regarded as it was back in say the 1950s.  Just look at lots of the films back then when men were portrayed as a playful, charming gentlemen instead of sleazy jerks.  Lucky for you, Betty, I'm a throw back.  Sign me up!

Who are your favorite writers?
Nevil Shute, L. Frank Baum.
Mine are Bill Watterson and Woody Allen.  Dare I say that Betty is a bit more sophisticated than I?

Who are your heroes in real life?
Charles Darwin.
Betty was the Walrus. 
Where am I going with all of this nonsense??  Well, if you have any random questions for us, put your best interviewer hat on and ask us a question or even a series of questions.  If we get a big enough response, we'll post some of the best questions.  Hope everyone is having a great day!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Wash Tubs are Grand!!!

We have been searching a while for a wash tub ever since we sold our last one back in June.  I was unbelievably thrilled to find this dandy of a tub on my way back from a business trip to Nashville, TN.  The color is fabulous and the wheels are an added bonus.  The double basin is a perfect piece for the home and has several uses such as:
  • Fill with ice and throw your party beverages on top
  • Amazing plant holder
  • A carry all for an art room
  • Cover with a sheet of wood and make into a work station 
  • Toy Bin
  • Gardening station
  • Wash tub to give your dog a bath
Right?  This is a very versatile piece! Below is a picture of our last wash tub we painted...

We sold it during our first flea market to an Urban Farm Co-op that was planning to use it to clean their vegetables, that's just cool:)  So here is the dilemma, what color should we paint it? We like the two color approach however we are open to suggestions.  We would love to hear your thoughts, what color(s) would you use?????  Please share your ideas by leaving a comment, we'll be sure to post the end product and if your suggestion is chosen we'll make sure and mention you in our blog:) 

Thanks for coming by and checking us out!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pictures of our New Home

As mentioned in our last blog we have found a new place to call home for Syd and Harper- Recycled Style.  Carmel Old Town Antique Mall has become our new home.  The staff has been incredibly accommodating and kind over the past week making us feel not only very welcomed but also reinforcing the fact that we made the right move.  Our booth can be found on the second floor to the right as you reach the top of the stairs.

I've included a few photos of the building along with some of our favorite places to visit which are just walking distance from the Mall.  This first photo is of the Antique Mall that sits right on the Main street of Carmel.  This photo was taken many years ago as you can see it essentially stood alone.  Today the building is surrounded by other businesses as downtown Carmel continues to thrive and grow into a wonderful Arts District.

Here is a current side photo of the Mall that captures the wonderful art mural and courtyard just to the left of the building.  

Just across the street is a wonderful French restaurant called Bistro de Paris where authentic French offerings are created for brunch, lunch and dinner.  The lunch menu features quiche, seafood crepes and mixed salads.  Brunch offers stuffed French toast, seafood and omelets, tres magnifique!!!  Not a bad place to stop after shopping at the mall:)

And last but not least we must feature the incredibly wonderful Simply Sweets.  Remember the candy store from your youth that sticks in your memory because it was more than just a store- it was an experience?  That's the feeling that Old Town Carmel's newest candy store brings to the Arts District.  They not only provide the community with a wide variety of candy but also provide a performing arts venue for children via their Second Story Playhouse.  

We love their vision and their candy!!!  The are located on 30 N. Range Line Road.

We continue to love what we do and continue to move toward building a brand that includes not only recycled style but also Arts and Music.  Stay tuned as we are close to launching a new blog and website that will allow us to connect with the music aspect of Syd and Harper.  Until then, keep on junkin!!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Our New Home...

We're moved into our new booth!!  It took every ounce of teamwork to get this thing up and running.  But now, the hard part is over, and we can start focusing on the fun part... making the personality of Syd & Harper come through in this little space.

There are two personalities that make up our unique look.  Our tastes are very similar and oftentimes our vision overlaps.  Yet it's the subtle differences that we think add that extra spark to Syd & Harper.  So we thought it would be fun to do a blog where each of us comment on a few different pictures of our new booth.  Now you'll see what we see :)

Dusty sees... My eye goes straight to the huge hat sitting on the mannequin.  If I had it my way, we would go back to the 1950's when wearing hats was the norm.  The flower painting on the wall is one of my favorite pieces of art that we have found.  It's painted on two canvases so it would be great on a large wall.  It might not be the most perfect piece of art done by a big name artist, but I actually enjoy displaying paintings like these much more as they have more character and tell a better story.  Oh, and the little RCA advertising piece... I had a hard time not keeping that for myself.

Elisa sees...My eye goes directly to the world map on the wall.  I've blogged before of my love for globes and really have a love for maps in general.  This old school map has great color that would hang perfectly on a wall in someone's home or make a unique window treatment for a child's room.  My eye also loves the luggage on the table, vintage luggage is just cool and extremely versatile. I have used them to display books, stack them to create a display or use them to actually carry items on a trip;)  Both items signify my overall love for travel!

Dusty sees... The coolest chair we have ever found.  I wouldn't be surprised if Elisa echoes my thoughts on that.  I love the French style and it's got just enough character without looking beat-up.  The medical books below are great to spread around your home and good for brushing up on how to remove a spleen.

Elisa sees... Although I do love the chair I really love all of the vintage movie cameras:)  I have a sweet spot in my heart for old movies and these cameras represent my love for film. I can easily see them displayed as a grouping on a shelf as a unique collection.

Dusty sees... Would it be strange if I didn't mention the red fan?  It's my favorite thing in the booth because I love seeing whimsical items in people's homes.  And this is the definition of whimsical.  The shoe trees remind me of my six years of selling shoes during high school and college.... Eleven toes anyone?

Elisa sees... Why of course the red fan!  To me it is a signature piece for us. It represents our first step into the industrial look.  Many a man has commented on this fan and wanted it for their "man cave" but no one has yet been courageous enough to buy it;)   I see it being a great art piece in a loft that is sure to be a great conversation piece.

Dusty sees... Something that is cool, was purchased without hesitation and would have no idea what to do with it.  If I put this in my house it would be in a different place every week.  It would be my "Where's Waldo" piece.

Elisa sees... Red!!  This color is quickly becoming our favorite and this seat is just unbelievable beautiful.   Kudos to Dusty for finding this one, what a great pick!!

Well this was fun, we may have to this again.  Thanks Carmel Antique Mall for allowing us to join your team of vendors, you have been incredibly kind!

~Elisa and Dusty

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Tip of the Cap

As I was driving through Broad Ripple this afternoon to get some lunch, I came across a yard full of stuff.  As a picker you're always on the clock so I told my empty belly to hold out a bit longer while I made the stop.  The man who owned the house was very friendly and quite considerate as everything that he was putting out in his yard was free to all.  He even gave me the guitar stand he was using to to hold the "FREE" sign that he had made.  In addition, I found some great new hats that I am very excited to put into our new booth at the Carmel Old Town Antiques Mall.  We are starting our move tomorrow and will have everything ready to go by the weekend.  The new collection of hats will be priced at $10 each.

I also found a great pair of cross country skis... But those were gone before I could finish packing my car.  In case the person who purchased those skis happens to check out this blog, best of luck finding a new job and I hope the skis look great on your wall.

We are really looking forward to starting a new chapter in the history of Syd & Harper at the Carmel Antique Mall.  Looking forward to seeing you there soon!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

French Flea Market was a Success!

What a weekend!  We attended the 2nd Annual French Flea Market in Tipton, IN and are so glad we did.  Horton's Hardware held the event and they did a fabulous job making us feel welcome and appreciated.  Below are some pictures from the two day event...

Here is our initial set up, the red toy Mercedes car was our first sale of the day.  Way to go Dusty for finding such a wonderful diamond in the rough!

This is Donna, the woman with big ideas and a big heart.  Donna was the organizer of the event.  She was so kind to all of us vendors.  On the second day she came around with a cart and provided all of us lunch that she prepared earlier that morning.  It was not only delicious but incredibly thoughtful, thank you Donna for taking care of all of us!

Love this picture of Donna as she leaves to meet and greet all of the passengers from the train that came in from Noblesville.

We had visitors of all ages, this little buckaroo couldn't take hands off of this...

and we couldn't blame him we too love the Smith and Corona typewriter:)

This event was special for so many reasons.  I grew up in Tipton and was able to connect with several high school friends that I had not seen for years.  I can't tell you how much it meant to me to have so many of them stop in and say hello.  The photo above is me (with necklace) with three of my best friends from high school.  They hung out with me the majority of the day and I couldn't have been happier.  Thank you Shay, Sabrina and Michelle, you all have a special place in my heart:)

Last but not least, many thanks goes out to my co-partner in this flea market adventure, Dusty.  Dusty took all of the fabulous shots that you see here.  He also provided a fantastic mix of French cafe songs that proved to be just perfect for the event.  In addition he drove many miles over the two days collecting more product to ensure we kept the booth full throughout the event.  He is a gem, I am so fortunate to have such a brilliantly talented individual as a partner.

Thanks Horton's once again for your hospitality!  We will definitely be back next year as long as you will have us!

Friday, July 9, 2010

French Flea Market

We are up and running! Come by and check us out today or tomorrow from 9-5 at Horton's in Tipton :)

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

French Flea with Me!

Yesterday I received news that we have a space at the French Flea Market in Tipton, IN this weekend!  Despite the short time available to prepare, we are very much looking forward to this wonderful opportunity.  Today was spent getting all of our items out of our booth space at Midland and back home to prepare for the setup tomorrow.  This has worked out especially well as the both is going to be moving to a new location at the Carmel Antique Mall.  But more on that later!  It also worked in my favor that I took a bunch of new photographs over the holiday of some of what we'll now be selling this weekend as you will see below.  I'm particularly looking forward to the event since Tipton is where I grew up so I hope to see many familiar places.  If you happen to be in the area, come check it out!!  Got to keep this short as there is more work to be done :)

112 South Main Street
Tipton, Indiana 46072

Friday, July 2, 2010

Have a Great Holiday!

Thought we'd share some fabulous images as we go into this 4th of July weekend. Where are you spending your holiday weekend?   Of the listed pictures below which one would you want to visit? My pick, Marblehead, MA. I've been there many times but not for the 4th. Have a great holiday everyone!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Industrial Style...

Pictured at below is a recent purchase of recycled industrial stools that were an affordable $40 a piece:) These replaced some ordinary stools in my kitchen and I can't be happier.  The black iron base with the wooden seat immediately aged the room and gave the room a completely different feel.  Industrial furniture not only adds a unique flair to any room but is also extremely sturdy and built to last a lifetime. 

We keep our eye out for vintage industrial items, although hard to find, we do enjoy the search.  Below is just another example of an industrial item we recently purchased and as you can see is currently featured on the back wall of our booth.  This industrial fan was purchased not necessarily for its function but for its decorative qualities.  We saw it as an item that could hang as wall art or turn into a table, pretty much anything but using it as a fan:)  We would love to hear if you too find industrial interesting and fun.  Please share any purchases you have made as we continue to be inspired by your finds!  ~Elisa