Tuesday, July 13, 2010

French Flea Market was a Success!

What a weekend!  We attended the 2nd Annual French Flea Market in Tipton, IN and are so glad we did.  Horton's Hardware held the event and they did a fabulous job making us feel welcome and appreciated.  Below are some pictures from the two day event...

Here is our initial set up, the red toy Mercedes car was our first sale of the day.  Way to go Dusty for finding such a wonderful diamond in the rough!

This is Donna, the woman with big ideas and a big heart.  Donna was the organizer of the event.  She was so kind to all of us vendors.  On the second day she came around with a cart and provided all of us lunch that she prepared earlier that morning.  It was not only delicious but incredibly thoughtful, thank you Donna for taking care of all of us!

Love this picture of Donna as she leaves to meet and greet all of the passengers from the train that came in from Noblesville.

We had visitors of all ages, this little buckaroo couldn't take hands off of this...

and we couldn't blame him we too love the Smith and Corona typewriter:)

This event was special for so many reasons.  I grew up in Tipton and was able to connect with several high school friends that I had not seen for years.  I can't tell you how much it meant to me to have so many of them stop in and say hello.  The photo above is me (with necklace) with three of my best friends from high school.  They hung out with me the majority of the day and I couldn't have been happier.  Thank you Shay, Sabrina and Michelle, you all have a special place in my heart:)

Last but not least, many thanks goes out to my co-partner in this flea market adventure, Dusty.  Dusty took all of the fabulous shots that you see here.  He also provided a fantastic mix of French cafe songs that proved to be just perfect for the event.  In addition he drove many miles over the two days collecting more product to ensure we kept the booth full throughout the event.  He is a gem, I am so fortunate to have such a brilliantly talented individual as a partner.

Thanks Horton's once again for your hospitality!  We will definitely be back next year as long as you will have us!


  1. Yayyyyyyy you two.... :o) ! I'm THRILLED to read the French Flea was good for you....!! It sounds like a GREAT time was had by all....!! Now you just need to stock up on Treasures again....!!

    Cheers from Oz,
    Tamarah :o)

    PS: You & your buddies look like a whole mess of mischief waiting to happen Elisa....hahahahaha....!!

  2. What a great-looking flea market!! Love your stuff....

  3. Thanks Mona for checking us out! Glad you like our stuff. I see you are a Jersey girl:) I lived in Philly for a while and miss it very much. Love your blog!!

  4. What a fun looking sale! I see some lovely things! And how fun to reconnect with some old friends. Lezlee

  5. Thanks Lezlee! Always great to hear positive comments:) And yes my friends and I had a blast!! Take care:)