Sunday, July 18, 2010

Our New Home...

We're moved into our new booth!!  It took every ounce of teamwork to get this thing up and running.  But now, the hard part is over, and we can start focusing on the fun part... making the personality of Syd & Harper come through in this little space.

There are two personalities that make up our unique look.  Our tastes are very similar and oftentimes our vision overlaps.  Yet it's the subtle differences that we think add that extra spark to Syd & Harper.  So we thought it would be fun to do a blog where each of us comment on a few different pictures of our new booth.  Now you'll see what we see :)

Dusty sees... My eye goes straight to the huge hat sitting on the mannequin.  If I had it my way, we would go back to the 1950's when wearing hats was the norm.  The flower painting on the wall is one of my favorite pieces of art that we have found.  It's painted on two canvases so it would be great on a large wall.  It might not be the most perfect piece of art done by a big name artist, but I actually enjoy displaying paintings like these much more as they have more character and tell a better story.  Oh, and the little RCA advertising piece... I had a hard time not keeping that for myself.

Elisa sees...My eye goes directly to the world map on the wall.  I've blogged before of my love for globes and really have a love for maps in general.  This old school map has great color that would hang perfectly on a wall in someone's home or make a unique window treatment for a child's room.  My eye also loves the luggage on the table, vintage luggage is just cool and extremely versatile. I have used them to display books, stack them to create a display or use them to actually carry items on a trip;)  Both items signify my overall love for travel!

Dusty sees... The coolest chair we have ever found.  I wouldn't be surprised if Elisa echoes my thoughts on that.  I love the French style and it's got just enough character without looking beat-up.  The medical books below are great to spread around your home and good for brushing up on how to remove a spleen.

Elisa sees... Although I do love the chair I really love all of the vintage movie cameras:)  I have a sweet spot in my heart for old movies and these cameras represent my love for film. I can easily see them displayed as a grouping on a shelf as a unique collection.

Dusty sees... Would it be strange if I didn't mention the red fan?  It's my favorite thing in the booth because I love seeing whimsical items in people's homes.  And this is the definition of whimsical.  The shoe trees remind me of my six years of selling shoes during high school and college.... Eleven toes anyone?

Elisa sees... Why of course the red fan!  To me it is a signature piece for us. It represents our first step into the industrial look.  Many a man has commented on this fan and wanted it for their "man cave" but no one has yet been courageous enough to buy it;)   I see it being a great art piece in a loft that is sure to be a great conversation piece.

Dusty sees... Something that is cool, was purchased without hesitation and would have no idea what to do with it.  If I put this in my house it would be in a different place every week.  It would be my "Where's Waldo" piece.

Elisa sees... Red!!  This color is quickly becoming our favorite and this seat is just unbelievable beautiful.   Kudos to Dusty for finding this one, what a great pick!!

Well this was fun, we may have to this again.  Thanks Carmel Antique Mall for allowing us to join your team of vendors, you have been incredibly kind!

~Elisa and Dusty


  1. Hey you guys.... :o) !!

    I think it's SO FAB you have each other to bounce off & while your tastes differ here & there, your 'eye' is very much in alignment....!!

    My eyes were drawn to the map & typewriter, chair & I LOVE the red fan & bench seat....!!

    Hope you both have an AWESOME week & you find HEAPS of Treasures....!!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)

  2. Nice work....I might have to do a little Indy road trip to check this place out.