Thursday, July 1, 2010

Industrial Style...

Pictured at below is a recent purchase of recycled industrial stools that were an affordable $40 a piece:) These replaced some ordinary stools in my kitchen and I can't be happier.  The black iron base with the wooden seat immediately aged the room and gave the room a completely different feel.  Industrial furniture not only adds a unique flair to any room but is also extremely sturdy and built to last a lifetime. 

We keep our eye out for vintage industrial items, although hard to find, we do enjoy the search.  Below is just another example of an industrial item we recently purchased and as you can see is currently featured on the back wall of our booth.  This industrial fan was purchased not necessarily for its function but for its decorative qualities.  We saw it as an item that could hang as wall art or turn into a table, pretty much anything but using it as a fan:)  We would love to hear if you too find industrial interesting and fun.  Please share any purchases you have made as we continue to be inspired by your finds!  ~Elisa



  1. Oh Elisa if I ever come & visit you will need to check my suitcase for stray industrail stools....hahahahahaSNORT....I LOVE your stuff & KNOW we'd have fun shopping together....!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)

  2. Nothing better than waking up in the morning and reading the love from my Aussie junking friend! Thanks Tamarah I have a feeling you and I would have a blast shopping together, your snorting laugh just cracks me up:)

  3. too bad those stools are not actually old.