Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pictures of our New Home

As mentioned in our last blog we have found a new place to call home for Syd and Harper- Recycled Style.  Carmel Old Town Antique Mall has become our new home.  The staff has been incredibly accommodating and kind over the past week making us feel not only very welcomed but also reinforcing the fact that we made the right move.  Our booth can be found on the second floor to the right as you reach the top of the stairs.

I've included a few photos of the building along with some of our favorite places to visit which are just walking distance from the Mall.  This first photo is of the Antique Mall that sits right on the Main street of Carmel.  This photo was taken many years ago as you can see it essentially stood alone.  Today the building is surrounded by other businesses as downtown Carmel continues to thrive and grow into a wonderful Arts District.

Here is a current side photo of the Mall that captures the wonderful art mural and courtyard just to the left of the building.  

Just across the street is a wonderful French restaurant called Bistro de Paris where authentic French offerings are created for brunch, lunch and dinner.  The lunch menu features quiche, seafood crepes and mixed salads.  Brunch offers stuffed French toast, seafood and omelets, tres magnifique!!!  Not a bad place to stop after shopping at the mall:)

And last but not least we must feature the incredibly wonderful Simply Sweets.  Remember the candy store from your youth that sticks in your memory because it was more than just a store- it was an experience?  That's the feeling that Old Town Carmel's newest candy store brings to the Arts District.  They not only provide the community with a wide variety of candy but also provide a performing arts venue for children via their Second Story Playhouse.  

We love their vision and their candy!!!  The are located on 30 N. Range Line Road.

We continue to love what we do and continue to move toward building a brand that includes not only recycled style but also Arts and Music.  Stay tuned as we are close to launching a new blog and website that will allow us to connect with the music aspect of Syd and Harper.  Until then, keep on junkin!!!


  1. Wow, your pictures are just beautiful! I love your blog!
    Thank you for sharing!
    Have a good evening!

  2. Hey you!!!!

    I foung a Hobby Lobby gift card in the botton of my purse and thought "What the heck????" I never got it sent off to you!!!!!!! I am SOOOOOOO sorry!!! Sometimes its way hard being the ONLY person running my business - I can get so behind on stuff!

    I can't remember if you ever sent me your mailing address, but I don't have it, so if you can shoot me another email that would be great and I will get the gift card in the mail ASAP!!

  3. almost forgot -- sorry about the "eliot" instead of "elisa" in my post ...must have not had enough diet coke that day?!? Not sure WHAT I was thinking!!!??? duh! :)