Monday, July 26, 2010

Wash Tubs are Grand!!!

We have been searching a while for a wash tub ever since we sold our last one back in June.  I was unbelievably thrilled to find this dandy of a tub on my way back from a business trip to Nashville, TN.  The color is fabulous and the wheels are an added bonus.  The double basin is a perfect piece for the home and has several uses such as:
  • Fill with ice and throw your party beverages on top
  • Amazing plant holder
  • A carry all for an art room
  • Cover with a sheet of wood and make into a work station 
  • Toy Bin
  • Gardening station
  • Wash tub to give your dog a bath
Right?  This is a very versatile piece! Below is a picture of our last wash tub we painted...

We sold it during our first flea market to an Urban Farm Co-op that was planning to use it to clean their vegetables, that's just cool:)  So here is the dilemma, what color should we paint it? We like the two color approach however we are open to suggestions.  We would love to hear your thoughts, what color(s) would you use?????  Please share your ideas by leaving a comment, we'll be sure to post the end product and if your suggestion is chosen we'll make sure and mention you in our blog:) 

Thanks for coming by and checking us out!


  1. Man- that is awesome. I don't know, that first combo is pretty sweet. What about a turquoise ? With lime or even black.

  2. Too funny that you said turquoise... we LOVE turquoise. It's definitely a possibility. Thanks for your suggestion :)

  3. Turquoise base, white washed top. Seems to be a good selling color these days. I sold mine, white base, last month. ~Mindy

  4. Oh MIndy, I love the combo, my only concern is if the white wash will cover the green paint, definitely worth trying! Thanks Mindy:)

  5. You really did find a great one here, I love it! :-)

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  6. I say... turquoise and cherry red!!! I'm a sucker for that color combo!!! After it's all painted up - you can just roll it over to me... LOL

    ;-D THAT is fantastic!!!

  7. That sounds dangerously fun Robelyn!!!

  8. I am so on the hunt for one of these. I bought two baby bath for my parents a couple of years ago and they use the for everything including for drinks at parties. Just fabulous. Thanks for linking to Tickled Pink!

  9. Holly they are so hard to find! I sometimes find them listed on may be worth your time to do a search on there. Love your site!!