Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Like to Buy a Vowel?

While Vanna White does not come with any of our new letters, a punch of vibrant red color does.  After a little care these neglected letters, that we found in the back room of a closing retail store, are restored and ready to be displayed in your home.  We have ten in all including, S, O, K, R, G, F, E, A, T, and N.  As you can see, we have already arranged a couple of words in our booth.  Put your lexicon abilities to the test and come up with some of your own words :)

The letters stand roughly two feet in height.  So they would certainly make a big impact when put in your home.  Most of them are also still wired with the original lights so that they could actually be used to brighten up a room if you so choose.  Either way, we really love these!

Looking ahead, the month of September is going to be another busy one for Syd & Harper.  We wanted to make note that we are not going to be participating in the Flea Market in Springfield, Ohio.  The decision was made because we will instead be taking part in another Flea Market in Tipton on September 25.  We are very much looking forward to going to back to Tipton for another Flea Market at Horton's.  It takes place from 4:00-10:00 p.m. so come check us out under the stars!  It will be lots of fun.  For any of you who are going to Springfield, we will still be in attendance on Friday as we are going to use the event for what we hope turns out to be a huge buying trip.  Let us know if you want to meet up!

If you're still looking for an excuse to come visit our space at the Carmel Old Town Antique Mall, the month of September offers you plenty of opportunities.  The Carmel Arts & Design District is holding some kind of event almost every weekend.  On September 11 the Automobilia Car Show will take place from noon-6:00 p.m.  Saturday the 18th is the Art Gallery Walk from 5:00-10:00 p.m.  If you attend this be sure to check out two great new art galleries being opened by our friends Susan Elaine Mauck and Jerry Points.  Congrats to you both!  Finally, on the 25-26th the International Arts Festival will be taking place.  Go to http://www.carmelartsanddesign.com/events/events.html for more information.

Hope everyone's week is off to great start.  Check back with us soon! :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Wash Basin is Completed!!

About a month ago we posted a blog about a double wash basin that we had recently found.  We asked for suggestions on paint colors and the colors turquoise and cream were the most popular suggestions and quite frankly we almost went with them.  However, our friend Peggy in Indianapolis gave us the suggestion to go with a cream and metal combination and once we saw the metal color we were sold!    Please check out the before and after pictures...



The metal color  has a bluish steel tint to it which is just too cool, here is a closer look...

Thanks again to everyone who offered us suggestions, it was great to hear your ideas, we appreciated all of your responses:)  

As an update to our last posting,  we are extremely happy with our recent decision to expand!  The added space has definitely allowed our items to be displayed as they should.  We have received some great feedback from our customers and continue to look for just the right mix of items to keep the space interesting and fun.  Thanks again to all of you who have stopped by our space or visited our blog!!

Here are a few updated pictures of our newly expanded space. 

Check out the huge light bulb!  Great inspirational and whimsical gift for a friend who has great ideas...

I love this airplane!

This red industrial fan steals the show every time, Dusty finally decided to put it front and center...

Thank you so much for visiting us, please come back and visit us again soon!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Our New Shop is Complete!

The greatest thing about having your own business is the ability to make big decisions and act upon them immediately.  There is no red tape, endless meetings or approvals from people above who may not agree with your vision.  During a meeting that happened a little more than 24 hours ago and lasted roughly 20 minutes we made the bold decision to expand, and acted upon it.  To say that we are happy with this decision would be an understatement.  As of 1:30 this afternoon we have a whole new shop that we believe is a huge step forward for Syd & Harper.  Below you will find some pictures of our new expanded space at the Carmel Old Town Antique Mall.  Thanks to Roman, Jeff, Bev and Carol for all of your help in making this happen as quickly as it did!

Thanks to everyone who has shown their support these past few months.  We have grown by leaps and bounds and could not have done it without you:)  

We hope to see you at tomorrow's Meet the Dealer Day from 10:00 am - 5:00 pm!

Under Construction!!

Yesterday during a breakfast meeting we made the decision to take the first step in expanding Syd and Harper- Recycled Style.  Within a half hour we spoke to the owner of the Carmel Old Town Antique Mall and was given the green light to begin.  We quickly began brainstorming on how to fill the additional space to create a feel of a shop.  This required us to each throw in some of our great finds from our own homes but in the end we feel these pieces are just the right elements to make the space pop.  We have today to finish the expansion process before tomorrow when the Meet the Dealer Day takes place.  So until then our booth is a bit of a mess.  Check back tomorrow as we post new pictures and for those in the area, please stop by and visit us we will be looking to make some good deals on this day.  Hope to see you tomorrow!

Monday, August 9, 2010

A Weekend of Good Finds!

Lately Dusty and I have come up empty way too often during our treasure hunts.  Finally we had some luck and we thought we would post our lovely finds before we rearrange the booth which is in desperate need of a new look.  We are coming up on our first "Meet the Vendor" day and want to make sure we present a look that will represent us well.  The mix of industrial and whimsical pieces were just the right ingredients to make our booth pop.  Check them out...

We traveled far for these items.  The bulk of the collection was found in Milwaukee, WI and the theater seats and globe were found this weekend on a trip to Bloomington, IN.  

I love this airplane...

This industrial light fixture is so incredibly cool...

I am officially off for a week from my day job!!!  I hope we begin to have better luck in our own backyard during our treasure hunts this week. We will keep you posted of our progress:)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

First Fall Tour Announcement!

We are happy to announce that we will be participating in the Springfield Flea Market Extravaganza September 17-19 in Springfield, Ohio.  The show will exhibit more than 2,000 dealers from across the globe and brings in more than 20,000 in attendance.  This marks our biggest show to date and we are thrilled to get the opportunity to participate in the event.

As the summer comes to an end, we are hopeful to fill our fall calendar with numerous different events to meet more of our audience and spread the word about our company.  We will kick things off this month at the Meet the Dealer Day on August 14 at the Carmel Old Town Antique Mall where our booth is now located.  Stop by to check out our new space and introduce yourself to us.

There are more events in the works so be sure to continue to check in with us in the coming weeks.  We hope to add 3-5 more before Thanksgiving gets here.  If you know of any events where you would like to see Syd & Harper in attendance, please let us know!  Hope to see everyone soon!!