Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Wash Basin is Completed!!

About a month ago we posted a blog about a double wash basin that we had recently found.  We asked for suggestions on paint colors and the colors turquoise and cream were the most popular suggestions and quite frankly we almost went with them.  However, our friend Peggy in Indianapolis gave us the suggestion to go with a cream and metal combination and once we saw the metal color we were sold!    Please check out the before and after pictures...



The metal color  has a bluish steel tint to it which is just too cool, here is a closer look...

Thanks again to everyone who offered us suggestions, it was great to hear your ideas, we appreciated all of your responses:)  

As an update to our last posting,  we are extremely happy with our recent decision to expand!  The added space has definitely allowed our items to be displayed as they should.  We have received some great feedback from our customers and continue to look for just the right mix of items to keep the space interesting and fun.  Thanks again to all of you who have stopped by our space or visited our blog!!

Here are a few updated pictures of our newly expanded space. 

Check out the huge light bulb!  Great inspirational and whimsical gift for a friend who has great ideas...

I love this airplane!

This red industrial fan steals the show every time, Dusty finally decided to put it front and center...

Thank you so much for visiting us, please come back and visit us again soon!


  1. Hey Guys I MISSED you.... :o) !!!

    LOVE the tub transformation though if I recall, I think I said I preferred it the way it was....SILLY me....hahahahahaha....!

    LOVE the airplane too....!!!

    Tamarah :o)

  2. I'm in love with the wash sink!! Wish I could figure out how to get it to California!! Love, Love, Love what you did with it! Awesome job Elis!
    Miss ya,

  3. Casey!! Thank you so much for the feedback! Great to hear from you, I am keeping my eye on you and your cupcake business. You are destined for a show on the Food Network:) I hope you are doing well and enjoying beautiful California!!

    Miss you too lady,


  4. thank you for decorating my great room....the red industrial fan, white chairs, a few added bins and books make my plant ledge look awesome....the basin bins are in my basement and the red hutch is an awesome compliment to the red fan in my great room.....your space is awesome!!!!! If my husband's office furniture sells, I am buying the locker table!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! Thanks for your wonderful finds!