Monday, August 9, 2010

A Weekend of Good Finds!

Lately Dusty and I have come up empty way too often during our treasure hunts.  Finally we had some luck and we thought we would post our lovely finds before we rearrange the booth which is in desperate need of a new look.  We are coming up on our first "Meet the Vendor" day and want to make sure we present a look that will represent us well.  The mix of industrial and whimsical pieces were just the right ingredients to make our booth pop.  Check them out...

We traveled far for these items.  The bulk of the collection was found in Milwaukee, WI and the theater seats and globe were found this weekend on a trip to Bloomington, IN.  

I love this airplane...

This industrial light fixture is so incredibly cool...

I am officially off for a week from my day job!!!  I hope we begin to have better luck in our own backyard during our treasure hunts this week. We will keep you posted of our progress:)


  1. Uhmmm.... HELLO! How did I not beat you to that light fixture?!! Oh... wrong part of the country. LOL

    THOSE are some fantastic finds!!! LOVE the seats and the numbers!!!

    Enjoy your vacation! ;-D robelyn

  2. Thanks Robelyn for the great feedback! I lurve that light fixture, I hope others like it as much as we do:)

  3. The big 91? Way dadgum cool. The size just screams at me! Y'all got a great haul! ~Mindy