Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Springfield Part 1

As many of you already know, we took a road trip to Springfield, Ohio for the Extravaganza Flea Market.  We spent eight straight hours hunting through hundreds of different booths.  After it was all said and done, we came home with a U-Haul trailer full of fantastic new items to sell!
At this point, we are still working on getting all the new treasures in our booth.  Some of the purchases we are most excited about won’t be making it into the booth until early next month.  But after some work, they should be our most exciting items yet.  Below you will find pictures of our booth in its current state, highlighting our Springfield trip and other recent purchases.  Let us know what you think!
Also, don’t forget that we will be in Tipton this Saturday from 4-10 p.m. for another flea market at Horton’s.  We are really looking forward to going back there and it should be lots of fun going into the late hours of the night :)

We now offer haircuts...

Monkeys and squirrels on a candle fireplace screen

Desk lamp for reading

Doctor's screen with mannequin patient

Metal Auction Sign

The letter M in a wire basket

Theatre Seats, INDUSTRIAL AVE., and Light Fixture

French Bucket

We love this table (and everything on it)

Blue L, Red N and Old Mail Bin

Check out the awesome blue lamp in the background...

Classic drop leaf table surrounded by eccentric goodies


  1. Hi Elisa & Dusty....!

    Well I thought I was all JUNKED OUT but I'm re-energised after seeing your FAB finds....I'm glad you found some Treasures....If you're EVER able to swing a visit to Texas during Antique Week you will have NO ISSUES filling a BIG TRUCK ten times over with NEAT stuff....Trust me I know....hahahahaha....I'm comin' back in May (fingers crossed) with a container....!!!

    Cheers for now from Oz,
    Tamarah :o)