Friday, October 8, 2010

Syd & Harper and Music

Ever since Elisa and I began our journey as a creative team, writing a currently shelved screenplay, music has played an important role in what we do.  When dreaming up scenes for our story, we would often play songs that we thought could serve as music for the soundtrack.  More times than not we found greater joy in discovering new music than we did discovering our characters and their story.  And as Syd & Harper continues to grow, so does the importance of music.

As we close out our first official year as a business, there has been much discussion about our grand visions for the future and how to share them with all of you.  In addition to selling the most unique recycled home decor and furniture that we can find, there are many other creative aspects to what we hope Syd & Harper will one day become.  The most important of these is music.  The art of music is something that touches all of our lives in one way or another.  Our hope is to become a company that also conducts music education classes and shares new and unique music with the public.  I am currently teaching guitar lessons and we want to start sharing more of that side of us within the Syd & Harper blog.  We also want to share with you new music that is not the run of the mill stuff that you would hear on the radio.  All of this plays a roll in what we see Syd & Harper becoming in the future.

The photograph above was taken at the second flea market we did at Horton's in Tipton.  It was a perfect night to sit outside and play some ambient guitar music for the great crowd that was in attendance.  In addition to my playing, Elisa and I have provided the background music for the event both times that we were there.  During the French Flea Market, I got the opportunity to share my collection of French music.  There were older standards from the likes of Django Reinhardt, Charles Trenent, Jean Sablon, Edith Piaf and Maurice Chevalier to newer artists like Yann Tiersen, Karen Ann and a favorite of ours, Francoiz Breut. Check out the video of her below...

It's sharing music such as this that really gives us joy.  Just like there are many talented artists finding old artifacts and turning them into new and useful pieces of decor and furniture, there are a countless number of talented musicians who need our ears.  And we hope to introduce you to as many as we can.

There is going to be lots of new and hopefully interesting things coming from Syd & Harper in the near future.  We hope all of you will join in with us for the journey ahead.  Thanks for checking in with us and we'll be back soon!

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  1. Very well put! Music is very important and I see that example in my husband who was taught piano and taught himself guitar! He loves music and it has helped make him who he is! I love that you support vintage goods preserving history while doing it and that you support music!! I am going to HAVE to get to your store! God Bless! Elisa's cousin, Muna