Monday, December 6, 2010

Great Example of Recycled Style

Recycled Style offers an opportunity to create a very unique look inside your home.  But sometimes it can be hard to envision exactly how to use it in conjunction with everything else you already have in place.  What we have found, in using Recycled Style in our homes and seeing it in others, is that the pieces that we find and sell typically work best at providing that one-off WOW factor that get people talking.  For some the industrial look and whimsical decor is something that works throughout their entire home.  But it also looks great when mixed in with more traditional or modern decor.

Last week we were fortunate enough to get some great photographs from Stephen Scharbrough showing how he incorporates Recycled Style in his home.  Stephen lives here in Indy and has his own music business, repairing/tuning pianos and performing locally.  He has a fantastic eye for incorporating a variety of recycled items and furniture pieces into his home.  It creates a very unique look and a home that, we think, really shows off the personality of the people living there.  Here are just a few of the photos he sent to us...

We love this office space.  The architectural pieces add a pop to the room.
The desk lamp is really cool and there are lots of other little items on and
around the desk that make this room standout.

Suitcase nightstand...

Not your average coffee table

Love the stacked end tables, suitcases and vintage movie camera...

We never tire of seeing letters in someone's home decor...
So there you have it.  Hopefully these pictures give you some new ideas on how to use Recycled Style in your home.  And thanks again, Stephen, for sending your pictures to us!!!

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