Thursday, February 24, 2011

Industrial Magazine Rack


  1. Just thinking....this could make for a great "high heel" shoe rack too....

    love your new stuff...


  2. Natalie - We LOVE that idea. Thanks so much for suggestion and we are glad to hear you like our new stuff :)

    Elyse - It's all yours if you want to pick it up when you're here this weekend... Maybe it could be a present to yourself for scoring a new job???? :)

  3. LOL gotta start getting paid for my hypothetical job first, but how bout I buy you guys a drink instead? INTERVIEW THIS FRIDAY! Ahhh!

  4. Random question?! How much is that green filing cabinet, if it's still available?!? I love it and if it works and is in good condition (ours is broken) I think it would be the pefect "pop" of color in our office! thx!