Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Map and iMac

Last weekend we were lucky enough to stumble across some more vintage maps. These have been extremely popular items and rightfully so. Each one we find seems to have a unique set of colors that really makes a statement when put up on a wall. This particular one has some great shades of pink that seem to stand out a bit more than the other colors. Maybe this is the one for your wall?

A new item (also a shade of pink) that we put in our space over the weekend is an old iMac computer. It seemed a shame that this now outdated machine was going to be put in the trash. What was once a $1000 computer now can't compete with our newest technologies. But like the vintage cameras and film projectors that have become staples in the antique world, we thought maybe this could become something similar. Why not display this beautiful machine in your home if you are a Mac fanatic? We think this could make a fun statement and maybe you'll even end up being a trend setter :)

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