Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Getaway

As mentioned in our last post, we disappeared for a few weeks and took some much needed time off after our last flea market.  We had been working hard preparing for our last event while at the same time working our full time jobs, Dusty a guitar teacher for Six String University and I as a Human Resource manager.  We were quite frankly exhausted, and needed to slow down and chill.  During this month we were able to accomplish a few personal goals.  Dusty wrote a short screenplay, which is awesome and is currently looking to collaborate with an animator, please call if you have such talents:)  I, however, didn't accomplish such impressive endeavors. Instead, I ran off to the woods and hugged a tree.  Ahhhhhhhhh... silence, to finally hear nothing was, amazing.  I know I will surprise a few of you by the fact that I went alone and I have to admit, my first night in a remote house in the woods I too was surprised I was able to get past the fear of Freddy Krueger knocking at my door.   In the end I conquered my fears, cooked myself some amazing meals, listened to some great music and soaked in a jacuzzi under the stars.  Below are just a few photos that I thought I would share.

This amazing house is called "Robyn's Nest"

Charcoal flame equals yummy eats:)

This should be our Syd and Harper mobile

Perfect compliment to my fantastic burger

It's amazing how getting away from it all allows one to gain perspective, think clearly and dream.  The time away was productive and we are now ready to continue our journey.  Thanks for checking in!


  1. What a gorgeous place to get away from it all, love that VW ! Now following xx Ava

  2. Welcome Ava! Glad you stopped by and joined our blog:) I so badly want that VW!!!


  3. Where is that retreat? Looks like an awesome place to stay! - Autumn (Angela's sister)