Monday, July 11, 2011

We are back!!!!

Ok, we are back! We never actually went away, we just took a much needed month off to relax, have some fun and rejuvenate. In the month of June we made a decision to move out of our space at the antique mall and take our items out on the road to meet all of you. Our first show at Perk Up Cafe in Broad Ripple was very fun and successful. We were fortunate to meet up and collaborate with another business that is in the process of opening currently referred to as the "Corner Store" at the intersection of 75th and Westfield Blvd. in Broad Ripple. This past weekend we came out of hibernation and had a flea market at the store. Below are a few of the pictures taken from the event...

We love our new Brownie Cameras and bowling pin:)

The antique typewriter is a perfect decor piece...

Anyone need a lightbulb?

The "Corner Store" at 75th an Westfield Blvd... Like them on Facebook :)

Thanks to everyone who stopped by this weekend, it was so great seeing everyone again and meeting new friends!!


  1. Missed your posts...welcome back!

  2. Thanks for not forgetting about us! We just needed some time away for a bit, great to hear from you:)