Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Night at the Movies

Friday has always signified the release of new films coming to the big screen. However, the real life independent film genre that saw brief success during the 90's seems to becoming increasingly more difficult to find. These are the films that we especially love, and they are what inspired us to try and write a screenplay almost five years ago. Unfortunately, fewer of these movies are being made, and even less get a wide release on the big screen.

We realize this genre isn't for everyone. Typically a great independent art film has a rating between 6.0 and 7.5 on IMDB. We actually looked up tons of our favorites and nearly all of them fell into that range. Consider it the barometer when looking for great films in this genre. Anyway, here are some examples that we love.

Kicking and Screaming is a wonderful film by Noah Baumbach and stars some of the greats in the independent film genre including Parker Posey, Josh Hamilton and Eric Stoltz. It's about a handful of college students who, upon graduating, do nothing and talk about it wittily.

The Anniversary Party also has an amazing cast as seen in this trailer and was written/directed by the great duo of Alan Cumming and Jennifer Jason Leigh.

Broken English is one of the more recent of this genre that we were able to see in the theatre. It was written/directed by Zoe Cassavetes, the daughter of the great John Cassavetes. This movie yet again features the queen of independent film, Parker Posey.

Unfortunately, Happythankyoumoreplease did not make it to a national release. But we recently saw the writing/directing debut of Josh Radnor (best known as Ted in How I Met Your Mother) and this is one that shouldn't be missed.

So those are some independent films to recycle back into the world if you haven't already seen them. As for a new movie to go see this evening... Well, the one movie being released this week that looks of interest, Magic Trip, the journey of Ken Kesey, is not being shown in Indianapolis. But luckily, there is another trip that you can view on the big screen and we are really looking forward to checking this one out. Here is the trailer, and enjoy your weekend, everyone!! :)

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