Meet Our Team

Elisa Hudson

Dusty Howe
Elisa Hudson and Dusty Howe are the founders of Syd & Harper Recycled Style, a name that stems from the two main characters in the pages of a screenplay they completed in September, 2008. Syd & Harper appropriately signifies the shared passion for the arts that they each possess. As the founders of Syd & Harper, they want to share the adventure of growing their company with as many people as possible. The company is committed to providing unique furniture and home decor, collaborating with their customers, and spreading the importance of the arts. Syd & Harper takes pride in the collection of items that they sell and are careful to pick out what they believe are one of a kind home furnishings that you can't find anywhere else. They are passionate about the spaces that their items help create and want to help others enjoy Recycled Style in the same way that they do.

The first real addition to the Syd & Harper team member appeared by sheer good fortune. Elyse Van Fleet is a graphic designer who took the time to create the logo and subsequently helped design the website, business cards, postcards and certainly other materials in the future. Elyse is a natural fit and we feel incredibly lucky to have her as part of our team. Please take the time to check out her website and blog!

You may have noticed that our logo is portrait of a Boston Terrier dog. The very simple reason for this is because of the cute photo that you see below. Gwenny is Elisa's pet Boston Terrier who inspired the logo for our company. Welcome to the team, Gwenny!